Growing up between two homes, Charlie's young life was always filled with music. From the time she can remember, her mom was always playing music like Elvis or Johnny Cash. Other favorites were Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Charlie enjoyed listening to her mom sing Crow’s song, "Picture," with her sister’s dad, Ronnie. 

Charlie never knew her biological father because he passed away before she was born, but Ronnie was around. Together they would sit at the piano and play and sing. She was only 2 years old but remembers how much she loved the music. 

 Charlie was 6 when she was adopted by  the Paces. They introduced her to Jimmy Buffet, whose music was always playing on their pool deck. Watching Burlesque with her Nonna at the age of 5 was a game changer - stars Cher and Christina Aguilera really got her attention. She started singing “Tough Lover” everywhere. That's when Charlie really knew that all she wanted to do was sing. 

It wasn't until the age of 9 that she got her first guitar. Charlie didn't play it right away but she did sing at her school that year. She performed the National Anthem for the first time. Charlie says that when she listens to her recording now, she knows she was terrible, but her music instructor Dr. Carper,  at Everglades City School heard something because she got the lead part singing “You're Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins.  

That following year, Charlie was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Everglades Seafood Festival and Fourth of July celebrations. She also got to sing a couple of other songs.

Around age 11, Charlie started playing guitar and started vocal coaching with Miss Roberta. Two years later, she cut her first demo using backing tracks to the music she was singing. She continued performing at the Seafood Festival every year and eventually started added other venues. 

Charlie tried several sports and cheerleading but kept coming back to her music. The summer she was 14, she attended a music camp in Atlanta called Camp Jam. She learned so much and met so many people just like her, with the same passion for music, she was opened up to a whole new world.

Coming from a small town, Charlie’s friends didn't have that passion. The camp experience led to another game changer: being transferred from Everglades City School, where there was no music program, to Lely High School to take advantage of a great music program there. 

Charlie started taking not just guitar lessons, but also stand-up bass, piano and drums with Rich Rahlf at Morningstar Music. Then when school started she got into Jazz Band playing electric guitar, and Orchestra on the bass. Charlie could not read the music, never having taken any music lessons in middle school, but she could hear it and picked it up quickly. She joined percussion in band in her sophomore year. 

Charlie says that having music at school has helped her grow in so many ways. Many of her teachers realize her musical talent and let her write and sing songs for her school projects. In freshman year, Charlie wrote and performed for her classmates four songs, for her science and English classes.

She is attending  Camp Jam this summer and in addition has Jazz and Band Camp , all while continuing her lessons.  

In September 2018, she entered in The Creative Mind Records competition in Fort Myers and was selected 1 of 50, and the youngest, out of over 200 applicants. Charlie performed the acoustic version of a song she was just writing at age 14 called "Blue Eyes". This song  released in June 2019. 

Charlie also entered the SBDAC and Lee County  library Teen Rock the River competition,  another great experience. Charlie has recently been performing solo gigs at local restaurants and other venues whenever her schedule allows. Anglers Cove at the Port of the Isles was her very first 3-hour gig, and that gave her both added excitement and money -- she held her check for a couple of weeks and the tips were really good. Charlie signed autographs on napkins that night and will never forget it. 

"This is my Job -- wow, I get to sing for a living!" she said. 

She covered Tennessee Whiskey with Caffeine Carl at the Smoking Tuna in Key West, Florida and does “Open Mic” nights anywhere she can. She loves going to the Dogtooth in Naples on Tuesdays to play with the band Mudbone. There, she gets to sing her favorite songs by Aretha Franklin and Etta James. 

She  played at the Golden Gate Library Branch for a small personal crowd. When asked last year about how she does it, she said, “you start out small, doing a song here, a festival there, and then you make it really big and you make it to the Library!” The group cheered. 

In March 2018 Charlie was featured in the J Robert Florida Songwriter Showcase at the Margood Theater in Goodland Florida.  Here she met some amazing musicians always ready to help her out.

So many people have helped her along the way she wants to help others. Charlie has recently started teaching a couple of very young children how to play ukelele, this is just for fun and to pay it forward. She just finished a new logo with a local artist, Darrell Nutt and has plans to sell t-shirts,  the profits will go to a local non-profit organization, Friends of Foster Families, where she is volunteering. They support local foster children. She has been invited to team up with Another geoup, Sunshine Kids to sing at efent and help raise awareness and mk ey to support children battling cancer. 

What she is most excited about is her songwriting. She has several songs in the works and released her first song at the age of 15. She wrote it in 2018. Recording with Ray Nesbit @ RPM Studio. The rest of the Album "Blue Eyes" (named for its title track) will be finished within the next year. Her plan is to have her 10 song album completed and released by the time she is 16.

Charlie hopes to get into the Islandhopper Songwriters festival and the Key West songwriters festival next year with her songwriting. The next song to be released will be "Juice Box." This one is about Charlie's life and tells a story to help other kids, that no matter how bad it is, you can keep going and you can make it better, never ever give up on what you want or being happy, just because you had to put down that Juice Box…