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I started my career as a musician long before I started high school. I was out gigging, taking guitar, piano and drum lessons all while going to school. My elementary school was a very small Pre-K through 12 school and didn't offer much for music.

Although one elementary year we had a music teacher, Dr. Carper, that let us do musical performances. At age 8, is when I knew all I wanted to do was write music and sing. I had the lead in the performance and loved it. I sang the National Anthem and the lead part in "You're Gonna Miss This". As it happens, Carol Foss was in the audience that night and was the head of the Everglades Seafood Festival. She asked me to perform for the festival and that performance grew every year. I am still performing at the Everglades Seafood Festival, annually.

I started performing the National Anthem for my home town's 4th of July Celebration and did my first official bar gig at the age of 16. I transferred into Lely High School in Naples Florida to take advantage of their amazing music programs. I took every music class I could Orchestra, Jazz and Band. My academic class teachers saw where my passion was and used that to help me learn my subjects. My projects were music based as the picture above of the solar system that I made entirely of music, guitar strings, old scratched vinyl, picks and a cassette tape that no longer played. In other classes I wrote and performed songs about the subject that we were learning about.

I was so busy in my music career that I opted to graduate early and then was permitted to go back and walk with my class.

The dress below was my homecoming dress: I couldn't find a dress with as much color as is my passion so we bought an old wedding dress and painted it. I'm also rocking good dye young's poser paste and there orange shade "riot" on my undercut (I soon would cave in and dye my whole head) What fun!! ... more stories to come.

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