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The Mountain

So for my Hight School Graduation my parents gave me a choice a grand party inviting everyone we knew or a week with them on Costa Rica. Well you know what I chose.. without hesitation we were off to Costa Rica, Pacific Coast to spend a glorious week; no school, no gigs, no music at all.. total break!!

Except .....

before I could even start this great break I was already worried how I could possibly get through an entire week without music, so my mom makes some calls and finds a music store only 30 minutes from where we were staying. Great, we can go there.

What you need to know is my dad had one rule for this trip. We were not going to be driving up into the mountains for anything. No exceptions.

So we get there, rent our car and on day one we head out to the music store (only 30 minutes). Can you guess the direction... yeap. Straight up the winding mountain road that was so narrow and with no guard rails.

My mom, enjoying the wonderful view while my dad white knuckled us all the way to the music store, with choice words for my mom along the way. Greatest trip ever and we have laughed so much.. the beauty in the picture above is my purchase that day and her name is

"The Mountain"

Great Memories!!

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