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Charlie is just 20 years old and has big dreams of touring and performing nation and eventually world wide. She works tirelessly to make those dreams reality. Her goals are not to be stuck into one genre but to expand her music across all boundaries. She writes about what’s important to her and when she sings you can hear a mix of Aretha Franklin and Haley Williams emanating from her sultry raspy voice. Charlie released her first song “Blue Eyes” at age 15 and her story “Juicebox” the following year. In 2023 she  released her first album “Hear Me Out”.  She is working on a punk album, a fun funk album and a Joanie Mitchell inspired folk album. 

She is managing 2 bands and her solo career. Charlie Pace Band performing her original music mixed with funk and rock while she and her punk rock band “CAAM”  performing and working on releasing their first album. 

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