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Hey! I’m Charlie

I’ve been making music to try an understand and interpret the world around me since I can remember. I tell many stories from my life and all I want is for music to remain the best way for all of us to connect. I hope you find something to enjoy, critique, or question from anything I have created. This is a project that will take my whole life to complete. I’m here to feel and exist within my imperfections as I am growing as a person, an artist, and as a musician. The way I’ve processed it all is documented through how I’ve chosen to decorate my time, thank you for giving me any of yours.

I just turned 20 in October and I’m not gonna get into the whole traumatic childhood, mentally ill, deeply disturbed, strong woman thing right now because  I usually get too sappy with these sorts of things. My music tells those stories.

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“Where words fail, music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen

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More about Charlie

The beginning of a music career

It wasn’t long before Charlie Pace realized that a career in music was exactly what she wanted in life. She started with a jump rope for a microphone and some books for a stage as just a baby, but after getting to sing the lead part in a musical performance at her elementary school at the age of 8, Charlie knew she wanted nothing more then to perform; that following year she hit the stage for the first time at the annual Everglades Seafood Festival performing the National Anthem and 2 songs. A decade later, you can still find her performing that festival in her home town every February. 

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