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Live Sessions

I cannot begin to tell you what these three men in this photo mean to me. This was the recording of my live session videos with David, Darrell and Ray.

David Carlton Johnson on Bass and vocals

David and I met when I was 15: my mom heard about this incredible musician that played an open Jam in Naples and she messaged him and asked if I could come and do an Aretha Franklin song with them. That night started an amazing friendship/collaboration/ mentorship. David was instrumental in teaching me how to sing "Chain of Fools" and every time I sing it, I hear David in my head saying, "no Charlie, sing it like this". If you search Spotify you will find a version live with David teaching me how to sing the chorus right. David is Keys and sometimes bass on most of my releases. I love and thank him for taking me under his wing.

Darrell Nutt on Drums and behind the scenes creating the video's.

Darrell was introduced to me by Ray and was actually a judge on my very first competition ever. Since, we worked together while he made my vision for my JuiceBox video come to life. He took my vision and created a, in my mind, masterpiece.

Darrell is one of the most incredible musicians that anyone could work with and I feel privileged and honored every time I get to work with him on a project. He is amazing in all he does: I don't have one song released that he is not performing the drums.

Ray Nesbit on Guitar

Lastly and certainly not least is my friend. Mentor and who has over the years become family, is musician extraordinaire, Ray Nesbit. Ray does more then just record my music, he guides, protects, teaches and I love him and his beautiful family. He recorded my first song and my first album. Ray has taught me how to record my demos, structure songs and can take any vision I bring him and make it come to life. We have spent so many hours, working, laughing and just having fun making great music.

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